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Pastor Linda BuddOn the Sunday just before Thanksgiving, 1994, Pastors Joel and Linda experienced an "invasion" of the Holy Spirit. On that particular Sunday, God's glory and power suddenly came into their ministry and their church services changing them, their church and their ministry forever. People were literally swept off their feet and onto the floor. Signs, wonders, visions, weeping, laughter, shaking, Holy conviction over sin and deep groanings of intersession all broke out that Sunday morning. It began in the first service, spilled over into the second service without break and continued on through the evening service until around midnight. Pastor Joel BuddRiverGate Church has been receiving a steady outpouring of the Holy Spirit in signs, wonders, deep intersession, prophetic dreams, visions, miracles, and healings since that time.

This move of God has continued in their ministry over the years. It has developed into a heart for the lost, the poor, the broken, and those needing healing and deliverance.

It is not uncommon for Joel & Linda to have many who are powerfully touched by the Father's love in their ministry. Many are also physically healed or given an exciting prophetic word during the services they hold.

Joel & Linda both preach and teach and minister in demonstrations of power. Individuals and congregations report that they experience significant spiritual and physical breakthroughs after the Budds have ministered to them.

Joel & Linda minister to a growing number of churches & ministries that have partnered for authentic revival. This relationship network crosses denominational lines, helping emerging leaders walk together in the Father's love, purity of heart & power.

Joel and Linda have 3 daughters and reside in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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