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So You Want To Date My Daughter?!!!
So You Want To Date My Daughter?!!!
Book $14.99
Pastors Joel and Linda Budd

“HELP!!!! I have no idea how to guide my kids
through today’s world of dating and relationships!”

This is your desperate cry if you are a parent today. In a society where movies and television shows present sexual promiscuity as normal and divorce as part of most people’s lives, how can you and your children possibly beat the odds? In fact, you probably don’t know anyone who has.

Now you do! Joel and Linda Budd have beaten the odds, and they want to tell you what they have learned so you and your children can too.

In this practical book, you will discover a proven guide for dating and being engaged. You can help your child reach their goals for successful and fun dating relationships, a great marriage, and a wonderful life with their spouse.

The teenage dating years don’t have to be a nightmare! In fact, they can be some of the most exciting, wonderful times with your children.

No Longer Bound
No Longer Bound
Book $13.00
Pastors Joel and Linda Budd

As 1985 turned to 1986, the lives of Pastors Joel and Linda Budd turned into a nightmare. When everyone else was celebrating the New Year, the unthinkable happened…they learned that their precious four-year-old daughter Joelle had been brutally raped.

But that was just the beginning of the trauma.

Pastors Joel and Linda take you with them as they stumble through “the dark night of the soul” and finally experience God’s tender and loving deliverance from the horrors of their past.

If you or anyone you know has been touched by violence, terror, or something unimaginable…healing and peace can be found! In the midst of life’s most horrifying circumstances – God is there to deliver you. This is the remarkable story the Budds tell in No Longer Bound: A Story of the Father’s Love.


Fill Me or Kill Me
Fill Me or Kill Me
Book $11.00
Pastors Joel and Linda Budd

Are you desperate for more of God in your life?

Maybe you are crying out like Pastor Joel Budd did when he said, “Fill me or kill me, but don’t leave me this way!” Or maybe you are ready to throw in the towel, as Pastor Linda Budd was, unless God moves in your life.

One thing is certain…you are on the right track because nothing much happens without a hunger and thirst for God! That’s why Pastors Joel and Linda have written their story. They tell how God answered them in a mighty way that transformed their lives forever and brought them into new dimensions of intimacy, revelation, and power in Him.

Their life-changing journey will challenge you to continue growing spiritually—because there’s always more in the Lord!

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